Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Urban Outfitters Under Fire For No Good Reason...

So I recently came across this article and news story:

Urban Outfitters Under Fire

This article is about a retail store that is currently selling Rx themed merchandise.  For example they sell a flask with a prescription label that says "Boozemin, Drink as much as you stomach can handle."  They also sell beer can coolers with the outside making it look like a prescription bottle.

And the kicker of the story is that there is a group out there making it their sole purpose to make sure things like this aren't sold.  According to them, they feel these products are promoting drug abuse of prescription medications.  The feel that the tweens that are seeing these things will be compelled to experiment with their parent's medication at home.

Holy moly, are these people serious?  It amazes me how nowadays it is so easy for people to point the finger at someone else and not look in the mirror.  So instead of talking to the parents to make sure they are more careful with their prescriptions are having these parents talk to their own children that the stuff in the amber vials isn't candy.  The group is probably the same ones that believe it's the video game companies fault that someone goes and shoots someone.  And as for the crackhead in the video that didn't like the stuff because it might trigger is addiction again, screw you, it's not my fault you ruined your life at one point and i'm not going to hide potential "triggers" from your view.

Personally, as someone who needs a drink or two after a shift in the pharmacy think these products are hilarious and amazing.  So for all those in that group and people who are on their side, take that collective stick out of your asses and be responsible for your own shit.  Stop blaming other people for problems that can and should be resolved at home by yourself.

BTW, I just bought some beer holders.  Peace.


  1. Though I agree to a point, that it is the responsibility of parents and "adults" (over 19 here in Canada, 21 in the US and the UK) to teach those younger right from wrong. However, the reality is, there are thousands of young people who didn't get the right parenting if any parenting at all. I do feel that manufacturers/retail outlets have a responsibility to the community (ie the universe) not to propagate violence, drug or alcohol abuse etc. It is irresponsible and dare I say even unethical to produce these items, along with so many others, to sell to the public. We are all responsible in this world to make it a better place. Selling what I consider outright crap isn't a part of the equation.

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