Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Screw You Pfizer...

This might be a little late but many of you may or may not know that Viagra will now be sold online in a direct to consumer way.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

First off, they are taking money out of my pocket because according to them they can give it to you cheaper.  How about not making a 30 count bottle cost close to $800 and people won't complain that it's too expensive.  Also, I'm hoping they have licensed pharmacists at the company that will be taking care of the patient counseling, medical history check, etc.  The reason they are doing this is to not help the patient out, but to increase their margin.  I'm sure that those pills can't cost the company more than $2 to make but they still make it incredibly expensive for the consumer.  They have seen a drop in sales because of this, so they decided to cut out the middle man, a basic screw you to pharmacies worldwide.  And the whole story of them not wanting people to buy fake Viagra online is crap.

Why don't they cut out the doctors too and set up a skype session with a Pfizer doctor.  Who needs medical professionals anyway, their years of sacrifice and schooling to learn how to treat potentially dangerous diseases and how dangerous drugs work is all for show.  We all just did that for fun because we were bored, kinda like reading Hunger Games on our free time.

What's scary is that if this is successful and the corporate monsters see their margins rise and their profits soar, what's to stop them from doing the same thing with all their drugs.  What is Pfizer decided to start selling Celebrex on their website, then Lyrica, then Enbrel.  Then when all those go well, the Lilly company will come out and start selling Cialis online.  And the vicious cycle goes on.

I really hope those organizations that are designed to help out pharmacists, specifically retail pharmacists, and the organizations for independent pharmacists are doing something to try to stop this.  This could be the small snowball that eventually leads to an avalanche of problems for all pharmers.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Crackhead Twitter, Oxy Facebook?

There must be some kind of social networking website or iPhone app that all junkies have that they use to communicate to one another.  I swear, they must make a post or something and their alert goes off.

Usually when a person who has a legitimate prescription but they just reek of a junkie, I tell them we don't have those oxycodones in stock.  But once in awhile I like to mix things up and make the junkies feel like it's the luckiest day of their lives and fill them.  The look on their faces when I say yes and that it will be ready in 15 minutes is like watching a kid wake up Christmas morning and seeing that Santa finally came.

And every single time I fill one for them, I get a plethora of others with the same prescription for the next 5-6 days or so.  It's like making a tiny crack in a damn wall, you make one little crack and then the damn bursts and you got meth heads, crack heads, and pill poppers flooding the store.

In a way, they are some of my favorite customers.  First off, they always have a story to tell, either of how they have been to 100 pharmacies or how their roommate stole their last bottle and that is why he his early this month.  And second, I make so much money off of them.  These people will pay anything as long as they get it.  People in chains may not realize this, but that 120 count oxycodone they are dispensing costs the pharmacy about $25-$30, and the AWP is about $175ish, that's a huge profit.

So if there is a Twitter for junkies, I want in.  I would love to read their posts.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Urban Outfitters Under Fire For No Good Reason...

So I recently came across this article and news story:

Urban Outfitters Under Fire

This article is about a retail store that is currently selling Rx themed merchandise.  For example they sell a flask with a prescription label that says "Boozemin, Drink as much as you stomach can handle."  They also sell beer can coolers with the outside making it look like a prescription bottle.

And the kicker of the story is that there is a group out there making it their sole purpose to make sure things like this aren't sold.  According to them, they feel these products are promoting drug abuse of prescription medications.  The feel that the tweens that are seeing these things will be compelled to experiment with their parent's medication at home.

Holy moly, are these people serious?  It amazes me how nowadays it is so easy for people to point the finger at someone else and not look in the mirror.  So instead of talking to the parents to make sure they are more careful with their prescriptions are having these parents talk to their own children that the stuff in the amber vials isn't candy.  The group is probably the same ones that believe it's the video game companies fault that someone goes and shoots someone.  And as for the crackhead in the video that didn't like the stuff because it might trigger is addiction again, screw you, it's not my fault you ruined your life at one point and i'm not going to hide potential "triggers" from your view.

Personally, as someone who needs a drink or two after a shift in the pharmacy think these products are hilarious and amazing.  So for all those in that group and people who are on their side, take that collective stick out of your asses and be responsible for your own shit.  Stop blaming other people for problems that can and should be resolved at home by yourself.

BTW, I just bought some beer holders.  Peace.