Friday, August 2, 2013

Sometimes Life Just Isn't Fair...

As a pharmacist I've seen my fair share of patients come and go and pass on.  I'm usually not affected to hear when a customer's relative tells me that they have died.  I usually just feel surprised because one minute your filling their scripts and counting their pills and then they never get counted again.  But I've never felt sadness.  However, one of my patients, Mrs, Happysmile, recently gave me the bad news that she was just told not too long ago.  Apparently, the breast cancer that she beat and survived from more than 10 years ago has reared its disgusting face again and she was found to have metastasis.  This stupid piece of cancer not only metastasized but set up shop in her bladder, spine, and many other places.  When she told me this I felt complete and utter sadness.  My heart sank and felt like I was losing one of my family members.

Mrs. Happysmile is the kindest, most generous, humorous, beautiful customer I have ever dealt with in all my years in pharmacy.  She's followed me from the big chain monster to this small independent and has been loyal to me since my career began.  She's one of the few that would actually remember my birthday when it came up and gave me gifts when Christmas time came around and when I got married.  I don't know how much she knows about what's going on, but in looking at her ultrasound reports and lab tests, it seems like there's not much time left for her.  Mrs. Happysmile, you are in my daily prayers.  I pray you continue to live happy and smile many more days.  You deserve only the best.


  1. A very thoughtful sentiment. People like her make it all worthwhile.

  2. I have a handmade quilted bag given to me by my all time favorite patient. She made it herself just a few months before the BIG C took her life. I will always remember her. I use that bag every week to remind me my troubles aren't as great as those around me and that if someone in her situation can do something to make the world a better place, then so can I.