Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Buy Something!!

Yes I know it is difficult to compete with the big chain companies.  Yes I know that they have a store relatively close by.  Yes I know I am taking a risk.

Why is it that people feel the need to come in to the store to say those things to me.  Would you like to know how I can survive and keep helping the community and providing people with better service and improve overall health?  Instead of walking in the store to just ask me what I was thinking opening a pharmacy, maybe you should actually buy something.  Maybe you should transfer your prescriptions to my pharmacy.  I've had to hold my tongue so much because I just want to cuss out those people that don't understand why I would open a business.  Thanks for coming in the critique the place and my decision and buy nothing and leave.  You are a real asset to me.

When I worked at a chain, I was amazed by how much people complain about every little thing.  I once had a customer that had a problem with our service every single time he came in, and for some reason, he came month after month after month to fill his scripts.  I'm not sure the way his brain works, but in my brain, if I get bad service every month and every visit for 3 years, I'm probably going to start looking for a new pharmacy to start getting my prescriptions.

I'm a little biased towards small businesses.  My father owns his own business and was able to put me and my 2 sisters through college with that business.  So even before I started my business, I was always a supporter of the little guy whenever I got the chance.  I have a ton of respect for all those that risked a big chunk of their money to open a store front and not know what the future will hold.


  1. Even after my store was open for 10+ yrs.. I would have people come in and tell me that ..if they knew that I was going to stay in business ..they would transfer their Rxs.. I had one person complain about the 2+ hr wait at a chain competitor.. our wait was very little.. I ask them why they kept going there.. they told me that they could have their Rxs filled anywhere in the country .. I asked... you travel a lot ?? PT - Nope never been out of the county.. at the time, this chain only had ONE STORE in this county...

  2. I had one gentleman come into my pharmacy and after seeing patients come in and out in less than 5 minutes, he commented "I wish you were my pharmacy". I was taken aback at the silliness of this statement. I told him I cold make it happen as he was currently going to CVS down the road, I could call and take care of everything. He thanked me and left. Haven't seen him in a couple months. I imagine he is still going to CVS and hating every moment of it. I really don't get it. Why is it so hard to break people's habits?